Carving a wooden masks


Flower making



Before attending the biggest foreign guest appearance, the ˝Cultural Association Hrušica˝ released a new pamphlet about ˝škoromati˝ from Hrušica. This was not their first pamphlet- the first one was released in 1996, but because it was outdated during this time, they decided that was time for a new one.


The new pamphlet in a very vivid way shows the reader the basic characteristics, the history and the importance of the beautiful masks, that the fleeting observer and even the locals are not aware of. The pamphlet was designed and arranged by the biggest expert in this area- Romeo Volk. The photographs for the pamphlet were taken by David Vatovec and the text was written by a member of the škoromati committee, Danijel Cek. Mojca Filipčič translated the text into English and Stanko Novak into German.


The pamphlet has been printed in 2000 copies: 1000 in Slovene, 500 in English and 500 in German.

Hrušiški škoromati, feb. 2020